Rice Preferrences

                                                Rice Preferences…

by Gerald A. Honigman


Not long ago, I was having a discussion with some friends about favorite rice dishes. Personally, I usually prefer the wild variety.

Even more recently, however, breaking news about the horrendous travesty of justice that General Michael Flynn, a much decorated career army officer and President Trump’s former National Security Advisor, was subjected to at the hands and machinations of the previous Obama Administration–whose real target was/is President Trump himself–got me thinking about other rice species more fervently again.

The first is preferred by Republicans–that would be the Condoleezza variety…the one which/who shares many of her fellow Republican petro-business-related buddies’ interests in the Middle East. Think the likes of James (“F-the Jews, they don’t vote for us anyway”) Baker III, the Bush family, John Sununu, and numerous others who made mucho dinero off of assorted autocratic Arab oil potentates’ black gold.

Let’s turn the clock back to learn more about this bright, attractive, but somewhat troublesome variety–at least for those folks hoping that Israel would get a fair shake in Washington.

Recall that this special Rice species had an oil tanker in the Chevron fleet named after her for associations with the company–one of the Seven Sisters closely associated with Arab oil https://www.energytoday.net/conventional-energy/the-seven-sisters-the-great-oil-companies-and-the-world-they-shaped/.

Now, while others can also claim such connections, please understand the implications for people in high government positions.

While Rice was/is certainly not the only person from petro-dollar connected industries who has moved through the revolving doors of businesses linked to Arab oil potentates into the State Department and other key branches of government (think blatantly anti-Israel Casper Weinberger, as just one example), that truism only makes my point even further. Yet folks speak about the supposed clout of “the Zionist Lobby” instead. The latter is child’s play compared to Big Oil’s influence.

Over a decade ago, Rice’s intimidation of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert into constantly taking steps to endanger Israel on behalf of Arabs who reject a resurrected State of the Jews regardless of its size, is legendary. She even pressured him into having Israel supply the State Department’s alleged “good cop” latter-day Arafatians-in-Suits of Mahmoud Abbas and Fatah with arms, which were then used for such things as slaughtering Jewish students in libraries at yeshivas. She also pressured Israel to loosen its check points–moves which were then followed by Arabs slaughtering Jews in their homes.

And this Rice variety’s earlier meetings with Israel’s Ariel Sharon government were no better.

While Prime Minister Sharon was still of this world, reliable reports told of Condi, as President George W. Bush’s Secretary of State, screaming demands at Sharon’s ranch that Jews themselves must provide Arabs with weapons, ease up on checkpoints, engage in additional withdrawals, further expose the necks of Jewish children and other innocents, etc. and so forth.

I wonder if this Rice, whose name was honored by being placed on the Arab oil-connected Chevron tanker, ever screamed demands at the Arab half of this conflict?

Check out these next excerpts very carefully from the Mideast Briefing of the G2 Bulletin of World Net Daily on 01.12.2005 titled, “Condi’s Screaming Fit”:

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was overheard screaming at Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz during her recent visit to Israel.

What was the issue under discussion?

Mofaz was protesting the latest demand on Israel that would deprive the Jewish state of the ability to prevent the passage of terrorists and arms into Gaza.

During an earlier visit, Rice had likewise vented her anger at Mofaz, so this was not unexpected. But observers say what was different this time was the brutality and forcefulness of the demands.

Some Israeli officials are coming to the conclusion that the more they give, the higher the demands – not only in the political and security stakes, but also the decibel levels.

Increasingly, relations between the two countries are strained over misunderstandings. Israel felt certain it had agreement with the U.S. on the establishment of its borders and keeping settlement blocs. Yet, more than once, the Americans have denied the existence of this type of understanding.

Now Israel is trying to figure out if Sharon overestimated his friendship with the Bush administration.

From the Israeli point of view it is clear that Rice does not have much appreciation for the Jewish state’s security needs or respect for its sovereignty.”

Before leaving the Condoleeza variety and moving on to the next for discussion, there’s one more important set of incidences that’s telling indeed…

As National Security Advisor, Dr. Rice spoke at the US Institute of Peace on August 19, 2004. Some of what she said was morally indefensible, realpolitik at its worst.

While delivering what would increasingly come to be her (and others’) favorite words of wisdom regarding creating a 22nd state for Arabs (and second, not first, in the original borders of the Palestine Mandate as Britain received it on April 25, 1920, with Jordan birthed on almost 80% of the original total area in 1922), she shot down questions relating to Kurdish anxieties and national aspirations in Iraq, the former post-World War I British Mandate of Mesopotamia. Kurds had been promised independence there earlier after World War I.

Keep in mind that before the imperial Arab conquests in the 7th century CE, and Turkish and others’ invasions afterwards, the non-Semitic Kurds as Hurrians, Guti, Kassites, possibly Medes, etc. had lived and ruled in Mesopotamia for millennia.

But, in stark, hypocritical contrast to her disdain for the hopes of some 40 million truly stateless people for independence in the new age of nationalism after the breakup of empires in the region in the wake of World War I, here’s some of what Rice had to say in support of her State Department Arabists’ Arab best buddies:

“The President believes that the Palestinian people deserve not merely their own state, but a just and democratic state that serves their interests and fulfills their decent aspirations.” https://ekurd.net/real-message-turks-invasion-2019-10-11

Score: Arabs 22, Kurds 0.

Moving on…

The next rice variety for this discussion is currently making news once again for yet additional lies she’s been caught committing–beyond Benghazi and such.

Team Obama, right from the get-go, had made its position very clear on the issue of Israel and the disputed territories. Its leader, while still a senator, repeatedly stated that he expected Israel to return to the pre-’67 War, ’49 armistice lines, not borders, which made it a mere 9 to 15-mile-wide zipper of a nation. Indeed, he remarked that Israel would be crazy–exact words–to not accept the Saudi Peace (of the grave) Plan which demanded this, among other things–like expecting Israel to allow itself to be inundated by Jihadi-raised, real and fudged, Arab refugees…Geez, how could those unreasonable Jews refuse such a deal for a nation which requires a magnifying glass to locate on a world globe? Note: More Jews fled “Arab”/Muslim lands than Arabs did vice-versa due to a war started with the attack by a half dozen Arab states immediately upon Israel’s rebirth in May 1948. And those people didn’t have almost two dozen other states to potentially go to as Arabs did/do.

So, the inevitable occurred…
Israel under Netanyahu would not prostrate itself low enough to the demand that the Jews agree that their presence in lands where their forefathers had lived for millennia was illegal and illegitimate, so Secretary of State John Kerry was the latest pea in the Obama pod to unleash both barrels on himhttp://www.israelnationalnews.com/Articles/Article.aspx/21625.

And long before becoming President Obama’s #2 man, Senator Joe Biden did likewise with Prime Minister Menachem Begin decades earlier–when it wasn’t another of Joe’s many “milk the Jew” campaign seasons https://ekurd.net/biden-jihadi-cheer-leaders-2019-03-06.

With messes at home and abroad that Obama increasingly had finally begun to be questioned about, if still not personally held accountable for, the Jews were being pressured to pay the price by giving him a “victory” he could point to–even if it was another peace for our time, 1938 Munich-style, Neville Chamberlain sellout variety.

By 2011, America had thus become a proponent–not honest mediator–of the Arab position–one that sees not only Judea and Samaria (aka, “West Bank”) as theirs and theirs alone, but, in reality, much of the rest of the region as well.

G_d only knows what other threats Israel was facing back then.

The rest of Obama’s carefully selected team and other advisors shared his attitudes as well: Samantha Power (who would deliver Obama’s parting shot at the Jew of the Nations in 2016 at the UN and had earlier advocated invading Israel on Arabs’ behalf); Joe Biden; Hagel; Clinton; former Secretary of State Zbigniew Brzezinski; Robert Malley; General Tony McPeak (“American Jews are the reason there is no Middle East peace”); etc…as well as the next rice species we’ll be considering below https://www.israelnationalnews.com/Articles/Article.aspx/9494.

While there were other similar episodes, back in February 2011, the United States vetoed a United Nations Security Council resolution that would have condemned Israelis living beyond their 1949, 9-15-mile wide, armistice line-imposed sardine can of a state.

In doing so, however, Obama’s representative, the Democrat-preferred Susan Rice variety, lashed out at Israel, commenting that America agrees, along with the rest of the members, about “the folly and illegitimacy of continued Israeli settlement activity” https://ekurd.net/mismas/articles/misc2013/11/article198.htm.

So, that brings us up to the present news that Susan Rice had been involved in Team Obama’s efforts to sabotage the incoming Trump Administration from before Day #1.

Andrew McCarthy is a highly respected lawyer who, among other things, has worked for the Department of Justice and led the prosecution against Jihadis who carried out the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993.

Check out some excerpts about this new Rice variety’s involvement below. Among other things, as she lied to protect Secretary of State Clinton over Benghazi, she was at it again for Obama:

…Blame-shifting…a Washington pastime. It also appears to be the reason why former National Security Adviser Susan Rice wrote her now-infamous memo, documenting an Oval Office meeting at which top Obama officials resolved to withhold Russia-related intelligence from the incoming Trump administration.

A key paragraph of Rice’s memo, previously redacted, has now been declassified and made public. Fox News obtained a copy from the office of Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., which had sought access to the document…seems the purpose was to shift blame to then-FBI Director James Comey for the withholding of Russia intelligence from the Trump team.

Rice’s objective was to absolve President Barack Obama of any blame for directing that Russia information be concealed from Trump and his incoming national security team, particularly Michael Flynn, who was slated to become national security adviser…Of course, the withholding of that information would be essential if the investigation of Trump, begun by Obama’s administration, were to continue after Trump took office..” https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/andrew-mccarthy-rice-tried-to-protect-obama-blame-comey-for-withholding-intelligence-from-flynn-trump-team

There’s lots more to be told involving the two Rice varieties examined above. I’ll end it        here for now. But there’s one thing that’s for sure…

I’m not changing my own wild rice preference any time soon after learning about these other two options.



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