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Beware Buraq’s Beckonings…

Beware Buraq’s Beckonings… by Gerald A. Honigman Alright…We’ve all now had some time to reflect upon the proposed new mosque slated to be erected several stones’ throws away from Ground Zero in Manhattan. Comments have ranged from rage over the … Continue reading

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Misplaced Rage

Misplaced Rage… by Gerald A. Honigman Look, my head-in-the-sand Hebrew siblings, ya got what you paid for…literally…pure and simple. Trying to worm out of it now only makes you look even more pathetic to anyone with neurons intact. Gil Ronen … Continue reading

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The Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill and Energy Policies

Drill Baby Drill! by Gerald A. Honigman Or not… Two aspirins can cure a headache. Two hundred will have you pushing up daisies. No doubt, I’m gonna tick off some of my friends. I don’t care. They need to hear … Continue reading

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