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Fatah: “Partners”…The Ultimate Trojan Horse

Partners…The Ultimate Trojan Horse by Gerald A. Honigman Caroline Glick’s masterpiece, “Grounded In Fantasy,” appeared in the June 18th edition of the Jerusalem Post. It is must reading for all interested in what’s happening in Gaza and beyond these days. … Continue reading

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Gaza’s Arab vs. Arab Fighting

Let’s Hear It For Hamastan! by Gerald A. Honigman As Arab infighting expands in Gaza and much of the world bemoans Mahmoud Abbas and his fellow latter day Arafatians’ setbacks, Israel has reason to be glad. While I get no … Continue reading

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Turkey and the Kurds

A Message For Two Friends… by Gerald A. Honigman Don’t do it! There is a better way. Recent reports tell of Turkey crossing the Iraqi border in pursuit of Kurdish terrorists tied to the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK). I will … Continue reading

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