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Tall Ships Netanyahu, And America

Tall Ships, Netanyahu, And America by Gerald A. Honigman It was a moment in time never to be forgotten…July 4, 1976. And there I was, alongside the bay in Brooklyn, watching those spectacular tall sailing ships from numerous countries passing … Continue reading

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’09 Israeli Elections–Lieberman & The Media

Why Is This So Hard To Understand? by Gerald A. Honigman Talk about close! The Israelis are rivaling America’s Bush-Gore race of 2000 in their recent election. As this article goes to print, either Tzipora Livni or Benjamin Netanyahu may … Continue reading

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Don’tcha Just Love A Parade?

Ah, Parades…When Will Israel Finally Learn To Appreciate Them? by Gerald A. Honigman How can you not like parades? I mean, just think of all those folks in all of their nice, fancy costumes or uniforms, showing off their prowess … Continue reading

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