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The Iranian Election and Israel

Mousavi, Ahmadinejad, and Israel by Gerald A. Honigman You know, this really isn’t difficult to understand. But, some background first… One would think, with all the hatred towards Jews and Israel spewing forth out of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the … Continue reading

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M.E.Envoy George Mitchell’s Moral Equivalency Dance

Jeez, Ain’t That Nice? by Gerald A. Honigman I mean, all that balanced moral equivalence and stuff. I just get goosebumps. I recently received my Jerusalem Online Updates on the computer and, sure enough, there’s President Obama’s Mid East envoy, … Continue reading

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President Obama, Cairo, Settlemnets–and My New Book!

Obama, Settlements, and the Missing Two-State-Solutions by Gerald A. Honigman President Barack Obama’s long-awaited speech to the Muslim World in Cairo had some important, positive elements in it. He is to be commended for that. Among other things, he spelled … Continue reading

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