Monthly Archives: December 2007

Turkish Attacks On The PKK

Hamas, Fatah, & The Missing Kurdish Dual Track by Gerald A. Honigman A deal was obviously made to keep the Turks from launching a full scale invasion of the Kurdish north in Iraq. The Kurdish region being the only real … Continue reading

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President Bush’s Upcoming Visit To Israel

The Real Question Is…How Long Is Your Driveway? by Gerald A. Honigman President Bush is planning a trip to Israel and elsewhere next month. It will be his first visit to Israel as president. He’ll undoubtedly try to further squeeze … Continue reading

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The Problem With Darfur Is…

The Problem With Darfur’s Muslims Is… by Gerald A. Honigman They’re Not Arabs. Like Iraq’s Kurds or North Africa’s Amazigh (Berbers). The title of a recent AP news brief read, “EU May Not Heed Darfur Call.” While the European sycophants … Continue reading

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