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Jesse Jackson At Evian, Dubya On The Golan, etc…

Taking Care Of Business… by Gerald A. Honigman Quite predictable, if disappointing… What a week this has been. First I hear about Jesse Hymietown Jackson’s quote at the Evian Conference in France stating that when Obama gets into office, he’s … Continue reading

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John, Sarah, & The A Word

Brushing It Aside Won’t Make It Go Away…The A Word by Gerald A. Honigman So, there I was on an early Sunday morn, filleting some recently caught fish I’d never tried eating before. To keep myself entertained while performing the … Continue reading

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Sarah, Israel, And The Big (not so bad) Wolf

Sarah, Israel, And The Big (not so bad) Wolf… by Gerald A. Honigman Recently, I received an e-mail alerting me to some nine hundred rabbis endorsing Senator Obama for President. These are largely representative of the far too many Jews … Continue reading

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