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Darfur, Mr. Peanut, Hamas, etc….All In A Day’s News

All In A Day’s News… by Gerald A. Honigman Along with other related articles, three covering the Middle East and North Africa caught my eye on April 26th. The first was written by a journalist whom I have long admired–and … Continue reading

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Condi and Jimmy Sittin’ In A Tree…

McCain and Peas Of The Same Pod Choices. by Gerald A. Honigman Prior to Senator McCain’s recent trip to Iraq and Israel, I was in communication with his office regarding the James Baker endorsement and earlier statements made by the … Continue reading

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Condi’s Fulminations

Condi And Other Foggy Fulminations… by Gerald A. Honigman As we approach the 60th anniversary of Israel’s resurrection, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice–true to State Department form–seems intent on reliving the fight Foggy Bottom had with President Harry S. Truman … Continue reading

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