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Hamas, Gaza, And The United Nauseating Nations

Hamas, Gaza, And The U.N.N. (United Nauseating Nations) by Gerald A. Honigman No sooner was Israel reborn in the wake of the Holocaust in May 1948 as a result (on the human part of the deal, at least) of a … Continue reading

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Between Ankara And Jerusalem…

Between Ankara And Jerusalem… by Gerald A. Honigman The Turks are, once again, upset with Israel. Among other things, while hosting a banquet in honor of the visiting United Nations Secretary General, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoggan urged the world … Continue reading

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Gaza Ain’t Warsaw…

No, Mr. Jihadi…Gaza Isn’t Warsaw by Gerald A. Honigman I was treated to a nauseating sight the other night. Fair and balanced Fox News interviewed an Arab about the Gaza thing to get that side of the current fighting. I … Continue reading

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Gaza School Daze

Gaza School Daze by Gerald A. Honigman So, there I was minding my own business eying the flat ocean on the way to work, wondering what fish were hitting in the surf. I must be a glutton for punishment…why else … Continue reading

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