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Gaza…Shut It Off And keep It Off

Gaza And The Pharaohs–Shut It Off And Keep It Off by Gerald A. Honigman Ever since the reign of Pharaoh Thutmose III (1479-1425 B.C.E.), Gaza has been a major invasion route for Egyptians into the land of Canaan/Israel. Shoshenk I … Continue reading

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Bush’s Pledge to The Saudis…

What Else, O Medieval Saudi Oil Potentate? Try These For Starters… by Gerald A. Honigman A stop along President Bush’s recent Middle East trip—after further pressuring Jews to accept his vision of Abbas’s latter day terrorist Arafatians as being the … Continue reading

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Condi’s Trip To Israel With Pres. Bush

Some Advice To President Bush…Tell Condi To Zip It by Gerald A. Honigman On the way to Kuwait, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was quoted in an AP article, after her visit with President Bush to Israel, as saying that … Continue reading

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