Wanted: A Better Kite

Wanted: A Better Kite

by Gerald A. Honigman

The Gatestone Institute recently ran an essay by a Muslim Arab (Palestinian?) writer based in the Middle East, Bassam Tawil https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/12467/palestinians-burn-the-jews

Here’s some excerpts from his article about fire kites being sent into Israel by those mainstream media’s “peaceful” Arabs across the Gaza border…

“…The jubilant reactions of Palestinians and other Arabs and Muslims to the reports about the kite fires that have destroyed thousands of acres of fields and agricultural lands in Israel also leave no doubt that this tactic is a violent jihad waged with the goal of destroying Israel and killing Jews. Each time a report about another blaze surfaces, many Palestinians take to Facebook and Twitter to shout the Islamic battle cry “Allahu Akbar!” [“Allah is Greatest”], echoing calls from ISIS, Al-Qaeda and other jihadi terror groups when they launch terror attacks against non-Muslims. The Arabs and Muslims are now referring to the kite launchers as “mujahideen” (warriors) – a sign that these terrorists are soldiers of Islam engaged in a jihad against the infidels, including, of course, the Jews…

The flaming kites should be seen in the context of the ongoing Palestinian terror campaign that began decades ago and the goal of which is to kill Jews and eliminate Israel. There is no difference between the kites and rockets and mortars. There is no difference between the kites, suicide bombings, stabbing and car-ramming attacks. There is no difference between the kites and drive-by shootings. There is no difference between the kites and the slaughtering of a Jewish family during a meal. The techniques may vary, but the goal remains one: to see Israel wiped off the face of the earth…”

On a somewhat related matter, not long ago, a young Israeli soldier was crushed to death by a large stone block dropped from a roof on his head. Other Jews have been killed and seriously wounded by rocks and stones as well, including very young children.

As Bassam Tawil writes, while there has already been much destruction caused by fire kites, luckily (thank G_d), so far, there have been no human deaths.

Certainly, a country which can invent the Iron Dome, miniature cameras that are swallowed for an inside look, and produce water out of thin air can come up with innovative, effective, and (preferably) non-lethal counter-measures to Arab rocks and terror kites.

Yet, up until now, Arabs have, no doubt, laughed at Israel’s feeble-to-mediocre responses.

Especially given the violent, ongoing, Gaza mess–where Arab mothers are bussed to the border and encouraged to bring babies with them, whom Hamas fighters hide behind–Israel has become more sensitive about world opinion. It is not likely to send Merkava tanks or F-15s to counter kites. And yet, I fear that, since kites are, admittedly, not rockets or Iranian-supplied missiles (yet, in some ways, have proven so far to be even more destructive), Israel will court disaster by not reacting forcefully enough to prevent its people from being victimized.

Recall, Israel exited Gaza years ago. All that unilateral withdrawal brought in return was thousands of rockets, mortars, and missiles launched against it from closer distances.

Arabs are waging this current campaign against the pre-’67 war, 9 to 15 mile-wide at its waist (where most of the population lives), 1949 U.N.-imposed armistice line-designated Israel.

So, what incentives do Arabs have to cease and desist?

If Israel chooses not to simply move its citizens back from the border area, then the Jews must get serious about how to handle such continuing problems.

Firstly, understand that when hard rocks are slung or thrown at your head and other vital body parts, or fire kites (some carrying explosives) are launched at your dwelling places, it must be a given that you’re allowed to defend your lives and property as best as possible.

If someone goes after an American policeman with a club, you best believe if the cop shoots him, it will be considered legitimate self- defense. While there’s frequently a double standard when Israel is involved, it’s up to Israel to point out the duplicity to those who question its actions…and then tell those folks to go fly a kite (couldn’t resist) if that fails.

Having said this, for the sake of trying to avoid additional international headaches, there is a better way. And, once again, those who gave the world the cell phone, much of the computer technology we have today, the Pillcam Endoscopic Capsule, and such can surely meet this challenge as well.

The Arabs like flying kites and throwing stones. So, Israel can play their game…only better. Much better.

Surely a military which can produce a top-of-the-line Merkava tank or military drone can devise a weapon which can launch or fire stones more accurately and with much greater force than those tossed by Arabs…

As for (often explosive) fire kites?

How about literally dropping giant balloons filled with farm animal dung (preferably from pigs raised by Christian farmers), via drones or helicopters, designed to burst over large crowds of rioters and would-be invading Arab murderers?

To hell with the usual assorted world hypocrites who will complain about poor abused Arabs yet remain silent as Jews are terrorized in yet new ways.

Rubber bullets and tear gas are no longer viable options. Arabs have no fear of them. And they’re only useful for short range encounters anyway.

On the other hand, rocks rapidly, accurately, and forcefully fired back in self-defense against rock slinging assailants will greatly increase the cost to those initiating this game.

And when hundreds of those whose aim it is to kill Jews get doused with a pig manure bath, they might think twice about again approaching the border…

The above is known as deterrence–something Israel does not have (or deliberately won’t exercise) on the local level at this point in time.

Any Arabs hurt, killed, maimed, and so forth will be victims of their own hatred, jealousy, and aggression–unlike the young Israeli father and infant son deliberately murdered in their car by the actions of Arab rock-throwers.

Lastly, any would-be Arab assailant wounded as result of such Israeli defensive actions should be treated by Arab hospitals–not the usual pattern where Jews attempt to out Christian Christians by turning not only their left and right facial cheeks but also both of their butt cheeks to appease their enemies and the world at large as well.

Too many stories abound about Jewish doctors saving folks who would butcher them in a heartbeat if given half a chance. Indeed, some have been caught trying to do just that after their lives had been saved by Israeli physicians. It’s time for this one-sided fairy tale to end. It’s time for Jews to forget about trying to score worldly or heavenly brownie points and so forth for such “good” behavior.

What needs to be pondered, instead, is the Jewish teaching which states that when one is kind to the cruel, too often one winds up being cruel to the kind…There is no doubt that this has indeed been happening over-and-over again. Think of the thousands of Arab murderers and wannabees released from Israeli jails, only to have not a few of them kill yet more Jews afterwards. Israel needs to finally get itself a fast-track death penalty for such folks.

Until the Jewish State takes itself more seriously, it should not expect others to do so.

A good place to start will be devising an effective answer to the potentially deadly stone and fire kite problems…ones which will make Arab assailants sorry that they ever lifted a rock or flew a kite in the first place.


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