Gaza School Daze

Gaza School Daze
by Gerald A. Honigman

So, there I was minding my own business eying the flat ocean on the way to work, wondering what fish were hitting in the surf.

I must be a glutton for punishment…why else would I turn on National Public Radio in the midst of renewed Arab-Israeli “festivities?”

Sure enough, on January 7th’s morning show, some woman reporter could barely hold back her sick glee at being able to report about Israel’shelling of a U.N. school causing numerous deaths. Anything that causes Israel to look bad, NPR jumps on.

While reporting the news is understandable, deliberately reporting only one side of the news is distortion. NPR has a history of this…but the lefty Jews keep funding it anyway. And many of those NPR reporters are also members of The Tribe. After a virtual dissertation of Israel’s alleged crime, you’re lucky to hear some passing footnote at the end posing as “the other side.” Unbelievable…

And, of course, it’s not just NPR.

Jackson Diehl, deputy editorial page editor of the Washington Post, wrote a syndicated piece which appeared in my local paper on December 30th singing praises to Ehud Olmert’s name…the guy perhaps most responsible for Israel’s current headaches, which were long in the coming. Diehl typifies too much of the mainstream media today. He also ended his op-ed (“…Israel’s hard-line show”) by stating that “…it may be many years before Israel again has a leader as willing to make peace.”

Guess what? Ever since Israel was forced to fight–again–for its life in 1967, every Prime Minister has held his or her hand out to the Arabs to make a real peace. General Dayan offered, right after the war, to return all the territories for such a deal. The Arabs’ collective answer has often been repeated–the “Three Nos of Khartoum.” But Diehl and his ilk aren’t interested in such things.

As for the Arabs living in the portion of the Palestine Mandate left after Jordan wound up with most of it in 1922, they offered Arafat’s famous hudna (ceasefire), his “Peace of the Quraysh,” to the Jews in return for the latter giving away what was left of the store. It was and is modeled on the temporary halt to hostilities the Arabs’ Prophet Muhammad agreed to until he could muster the strength to conquer his enemies. Even the most “moderate” of these Arabs still have this in mind…regardless of others’ wishful thinking. Think America’s Foggy Folks, the European Union, and so forth.

Back to the recent school casualties…

It’s no news that Arabs have a long history of using their own women and children as human shields. Pictures made the rounds of Hizbullah gun installations set up in apartment buildings in Lebanon a few years back. Offices of Hamas leaders, the PFLP, and so forth are routinely set up in such places as well, with arms and munitions stored in schools, hospitals, and so forth.

Shoot, maim, terrorize, destroy, and/or murder Jewish property or people–then cry to the assorted world hypocrites and idiots and show off your dead kids whom you hid behind when Israel finally is forced to strike back.

Here’s a video of Arabs firing from just such a Gaza school a while back…

It should be of no surprise, therefore, that Arabs are up to their same old tricks. And once again their own innocents–-or, at least, non-combatants–pay part of the price. But while we’re at it, also please recall that the latter elected those “heroes” of theirs… Know what I mean? By the way, all of this is contrary to the Perfidy and other clauses of the Geneva Conventions–war crimes, big time, as is deliberately targeting Jewish civilians.

Now, here’s what reasonable folks really deserve from NPR and all those other holier-than-thou mainline media types who watched Israel take over ten thousand rocket and mortar hits since leaving Gaza a few years back and barely–if ever–wrote an editorial, produced a radio program, news broadcast, or such about this…

Where’s the NPR producer–after all of these years–who will do an in-depth program on the above repeated Arab war crimes?

Not newsworthy?

Where’s the producer and reporter who’ll ask Arabs what they’ve done with all the billions of dollars in aid they’ve already received–except acquire more and more means to attack their tiny Jewish neighbor which is practically invisible on a world map. Twenty-one Arab states (including one already sitting on most of “Palestine”) on over six million square miles of territory (mostly seized and forcibly Arabized from non-Arab peoples) but they still can’t leave the Jews and their sole resurrected state alone. The second proposed Arab state in Palestine will be their 22nd.

As many of us have asked, is this issue really not a no brainer?

Would that gal chomping at the bit to embarrass Israel–a perennial NPR specialty–want her own government to ignore her own house, neighborhood, school or so forth being attacked this way…repeatedly?

Hey Jews! Be like good Christians and just turn your other cheek!

Sure…show me the Christian nations which do this.

Indeed, who but the Jews would have put up with this manure for so many years before striking back hard. Yet the Washington Post’s Diehl labels Israel as being “hardline” for trying to put an end to this terror–er, sorry Jackson, “militancy.”

The sad, all important fact is that the goal of Israel’s Arab neighbors is still the destruction of the Jewish State–for both the terrorists and those who harbor and support them.

For Hamas, this is professed openly; for Abbas–a sweet-talking (sometimes) Arafat in a suit–this is a bit more disguised. As I like to say, blown buses bring bad press.

And there’s lots of money at stake for those willing to say the right stuff to an all-too-willingly gullible West…in English. Recall that the rockets were hitting Israel when Abbas was in Gaza as well.

Gaza must be a lesson for the next Israeli leaders who will hopefully replace Olmert’s crew very shortly.

Olmert’s move on Gaza now had several goals. One, for sure, was to give a boost to Foreign Minister Tzipora (as in Moses’s wife) Livni when she runs against Benjamin Netanyahu. But Livni has been too cozy with Olmert’s cave in to the Foggy Folks’ demands regarding Abbas and Fatah.

Israel cannot risk having its main population centers in its narrow waist exposed to Fatah’s latter-day Arafatians–who remain as rejectionist as Hamas when it comes to the idea of a long term Jewish neighbor. Abbas and his crew do not deny this. They think they’re going to swamp Israel with millions of alleged returning refugees and so forth.

America is now in the process of building Abbas’s Fatah army up so it will be able to kill more Jews. That’s the reality here after Israel hands Fatah a victory over Hamas it couldn’t win itself. Look at the “moderate” Fatah and Palestinian Authority official web sites, maps, textbooks, and so forth if you think otherwise. Part of what Israel is now doing to Hamas involves sending Fatah a message as well…

Even in an age of satellites and missiles, land is still important.

Israel must thus insist on a fair territorial compromise, giving it the somewhat secure borders it was promised via UNSC Resolution 242 after the June ‘67 war instead of the suicidal armistice lines which were imposed upon it by the United Nations after the Arab invasion in 1948 and which did nothing but invite continued Arab aggression.

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