Gaza–Do It Right Or Not At All

Israel: Do It Right Or Don’t Do It At All
by Gerald A. Honigman

Figures…the one day I don’t read the paper or check my computer for news first thing in the morning…


Turns out the Jews finally overdosed and moved on Gaza while I was in the very midst of writing this article. So now, after having to plead my case with publishers I already drive crazy, please check it out anyway. Let’s see how good the Israelis do. And hopefully, I’ll be proven wrong…on at least some counts.

One of the so-called “Arab World’s” greatest scholars, Ibn Khaldun, singled out the Jews centuries ago when he wrote The Muqaddimah.

Writing of the rise and fall of civilizations, he stressed the overwhelming importance of ‘asabiyah–unique group consciousness–to the overall fate of any nation.

While Ibn Khaldun noted that the Jews had one of the most “noble houses” in history, he explained that, as a result of losing their ‘asabiyah, they had subsequently suffered constant humiliations as a result.

The Muqaddimah stressed that the Jews were forced to wander in the desert for forty years due to their “meekness.” Ibn Khaldun held that this was necessary so that a new generation would arise with a new, more powerful ‘asabiyah.

Prime Minister Olmert and his crew should pay close attention to this…Jews can’t afford yet another of such wanderings.

After putting up with countless mortar and rocket terror launched from Gaza since it unilaterally withdrew from there years ago, it looks like Israel, under Olmert and Livni, has gotten a green light from Washington to do what should have been done long ago. Unfortunately, these are not the leaders to do it right.

Too many of Olmert’s crew have much in common with the “post-Zionism” plaguing too much of Israel today.

Too many of Israel’s teachers, especially at the higher levels, lack that ‘asabiyah Ibn Khaldun stressed and have spread the disease to their students as well.

Israel’s war against Hizbullah in Lebanon was a result of such new leaders. An Israel under Menachem Begin, David Ben-Gurion, Golda Meir, or Arik Sharon would not have fought Hizbullah largely by the Arabs’ own game plan. Olmert’s crew did–with disastrous results.

And now this same crew is telegraphing its punch to do a virtual Lebanon II in Gaza.

More young Israelis will be sent on the ground into deadly booby traps set for human and tank alike.

Arabs like to joke about how Jews value life…

We’ll, for starters, they don’t believe that they’ll have seventy-two virgins awaiting them in Heaven as a reward for blowing up Arab babes and other innocents the way Arabs see this picture for themselves. So, the Arabs are correct–for this and many other reasons as well.

But, following up on this observation, Israel thus needs to play a very different game in Gaza.

Hamas and the Gazan Arabs who elected it to office know that Israel can’t lay low forever. It has deliberately been trying to bait Israel into fighting at this time. But I suspect that Hamas expects Israel to follow a game plan approved by Washington–especially the State Department–which will not allow it to do what really needs to be done here…actually win.

Israel will be allowed to punish Foggy Bottom’s bad cop terrorists for the sake of the alleged latter-day Arafatian good cop ones of its darling, Mahmud Abbas. In reality, both have the same long-term goal for the Jewish State. But there’s billions of dollars at stake for the winners. Recall Arafat’s legendary Swiss bank accounts and so forth.

Israel must indeed answer terror, but at minimum cost to itself. Every soldier Israel loses is like America losing about sixty.

No matter how “good” it tries to be here, it will be condemned anyway…So, do it as best as possible.

Those who deliberately set up terror shops amidst their own civilian human shields will be responsible for the deaths of innocents (and keep in mind that those “innocents” gladly elected the leaders they now have). The Geneva Conventions condemn such cowardice and further state that it will not prevent retribution. See the Perfidy Clause and so forth.

So, here’s the real plan…

Bombers, not helicopters, will take the lead here.

Israel has already telegraphed its punch loudly and clearly in the aftermath of all Gaza singing Hamas’s praises for hundreds of mortars and rockets fired at Israel in just the past few weeks. Newspaper articles all over the world have reported of Israel’s upcoming invasion.

Massive, quick retaliation, following America’s own Powell Doctrine for war, must be the guideline. If having death and destruction fired non-stop at your towns by folks who don’t recognize your very right to exist is not war, then what is?

Bombers will need to seek out major groupings of armed fighters. So, the time for the strike should be set for when Hamas is having another of its major rallies or parades. Hopefully, Israeli intelligence can redeem itself here a bit. Hundreds must be sent to Paradise at one time–enough so that there will be a shortage of virgins.

Qassam rockets and such must be answered by artillery. Forget the tit-for-tat manure that Arabs only laugh at… Massive barrages must target sites from which terror is launched. Prospective mine fields and booby traps must be blasted as well.

Any suspected hideouts of Hamas leadership must be taken out. Israel had opportunities in earlier decades to do this and refused because of the human shield thing. Not this time…

Hide with them, die with them. President Bush almost said those exact words himself.

Many underground bunkers as well as tunnels have likely been constructed by Arabs in preparation for Gaza’s virtual Lebanon II. This is a good time to test those bunker-busters, assuming Israel has gotten some decent intelligence here before it uses those expensive bombs.

Israeli teens and others should not be sent in on the ground until everything has been done to reduce their casualties. To Hell with those “innocents” who’d slit Jews’s throats in an instant given the chance.

It’s time for Israel to fight to win…like any other country would. So…

I don’t recommend hitting Gaza now.

Conventional wisdom states that Israel should attack before President Obama takes office along with his list of anti-Israel advisers.

While this is a consideration, it is trumped by the make-up of Israel’s current leaders and the wisdom of Ibn Khaldun.

Israel has waited this long to strike. It must wait a bit longer…until new elections produce leaders for whom the Jews’s Zionist ‘asabiyah is once more calling both the political and military shots.

At that time, it will be able to fight to win–not merely play the game that others have in store for it.

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