Tit-For-Tat Needs To Go The Way Of The Dodo Bird…

         Tit-For-Tat Needs To Go The Way Of The Dodo Bird…

by Gerald A. Honigman

Israel is still playing the pathetic, losing game of tit-for-tat.

Five more young Israelis recently became statistics of Arab terror as they were rammed by a vehicle a bit north of Jerusalem.

The Arab hero, who escaped, will likely be rewarded handsomely by Mahmoud Abbas’s “moderates.” Such folks and their families typically receive thousands of dollars from Israel’s “peace partners” for such deeds. They get streets, buildings, and other sites named for them too

Besides hunting down the actual assailant, Israel must hold accountable those who encourage and abet such actions by their policies–like educating their children from kindergarten on up in schools, camps, plays, rallies, books, radio and television programs, mosques, etc.–to slaughter Jews.

Abbas’s Fatah and Palestinian Arab Authority have prized possessions that need to be turned into rubble when such heroism is perpetrated.

The alleged good cops are no better than the Hamas/Islamic Jihad bad cops. They simply play the current system to milk the dumb and/or collaborative dhimmis in the West to amass the same fortunes their late Egyptian ghoul leader, Arafat and his cronies, did while other Arabs were deliberately kept wanting to display to the rest of the world.

So, the above puppet masters can’t claim innocence when such actions which kill, wound, maim, and destroy occur.

Instead, they need to be considered fair game for painful retaliatory strikes which will send more lasting messages than tit-for-tat slaps on the wrist that most Arabs laugh at.

The hero in this instance actually targeted Israeli military personnel–unlike the usually preferred civilian victims.

So, here’s what should happen next…

Israel pays a visit to where the PA’s shiny new heavy military equipment and other prized possessions are stored and levels the place(s). This can be done at times when there’s not many personnel present to limit casualties, but any that may be present and turned into ashes and dust will have suffered the same fate that both Abbas and Hamas pawns routinely perpetrate on Jews, whatever their choice of terror may be.

And, as I’ve oft written before, the ante gets upped exponentially from now on…


Governments and governing institutions controlling territories need to be responsible for actions originating from their people and those territories.

If Hamas and Islamic Jihad get targeted (not enough) when terror comes calling from Gaza, then the latter-day Arafatians must be held to that same standard. This is even more valid in Israel’s case since both sets of Arab terror “cops” actively promote such acts of war against their Jewish neighbors.

The days of Israeli kid glove tit-for-tat responses should have ended long ago.

They need to go the way of the dodo bird…although, unlike Israel’s would-be executioners, the poor dodo was innocent.



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