Poor Ann–Getting Picked On Again…If Jews Had Any Brains, They’d Be Christians (Take #2)

  Poor Ann–Getting Picked On Again…If Jews Had Any Brains, They’d Be Christians (Take #2)

                                                      Now, Don’t Be Offended

                                                        by Gerald A. Honigman


Ann Coulter was recently in the news again. This time it was for accusing Asians and Jews of wanting to be blacks https://www.newsweek.com/ann-coulter-twitter-tirade-ice-official-1322680.

Hey, don’t pick on Ann. She’s a truly loving soul.

In fact, she’s freely shared her very Christian love with many others over the years–including her late conservative Jewish actor friend, Ron Silver (a truly good guy), who brought her much joy by eating the host of the Christian communion at Sunday services with her. I heard that selfless Ann tried real hard to save Ron’s soul from eternal damnation by encouraging his conversion to Christianity on his deathbed from cancer about a decade ago. As a Jew (or Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh,  etc.), Ron could not get through the Pearly Gates in official Christian beliefs (“no gettin’ to the Father except through the Son,” etc.). I don’t know what Ron’s final decision was, but you can’t say that Saint Ann didn’t try https://www.wnd.com/2009/03/92155/.

This latest Coulterian episode brought back memories. Back in October 2007, for example, she appeared on Donny Deutsch’s CNBC television program, The Big Idea https://www.thedailybeast.com/trump-supporter-ann-coulter-slams-pandering-to-f-ing-jews. I wrote my first response soon afterwards. It was later reworked a bit as a chapter in my book http://q4j-middle-east.com.

In the midst of discussing her own then new book, If Democrats Had Any Brains, They’d Be Republicans, she lectured her Jewish host that Jews needed to be “perfected”…you know, like she and her fellow Christians are. Those same perfected folks who murdered and humiliated countless millions of G_d’s children over the millennia for not accepting Christianity’s version of Divine truth. Guess what? Islam spread the same way–especially when encountering those non-Peoples of the Book in points east on the Indian subcontinent and elsewhere.. Keep in mind as well that when the Coulters now get a taste of their own previous medicine, courtesy of jihadi Islamofascists, they throw a supreme hissy fit (not that it really makes a difference who’s dishing out intolerance in G_d’s name).

Honest Ann (I commend her for simply stating solid, traditional Christian beliefs https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/.premium-trump-faith-adviser-who-said-all-jews-go-to-hell-to-speak-at-embassy-1.6078561) was next surprised that pathetic Donny seemed offended.

I mean, after all, why can’t Jews just see all the good Christian “love” brought them over the ages… forced conversions, inquisitions, ghettos, crusades, expulsions, blood libels, autos-da-fe, subjugation, pogroms, humiliation, countless massacres, the Holocaust…

They must be blind.


Now, while Ann did not write the book hinted at in the title above, best believe she thinks those stereotypical “smart,” G_d-killing Hebes are stubborn and blind–characteristics her faith has taught for centuries. As well as Jews being “children of the Devil, doing their father‘s deeds” (right out of the Gospel of John–regardless of alternative explanations offered),  and other such loving descriptors.

Churches in Europe still have statues and pictures commemorating such things as Jews stabbing the host of the Eucharist to “kill Jesus” yet again (that same host Ann encouraged her pal Ron Silver to eat); a fallen, stubborn Jewish princess with blinders over her eyes; Jews kidnapping Christian children to use their blood for religious purposes (have you ever read about Little Hugh of Lincoln in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales?); Jews poisoning wells to cause plague; and so forth. Indeed, the first picture of a Jew in England is entitled, “Aaron, son of the Devil.” And even the enlightened Michelangelo’s sculpture of Moses has what most viewers will see as Devil’s horns coming from his head…regardless of some “rays of light” explanations.

The cold, hard fact is that the road to Auschwitz was paved for centuries with Coulter’s Christian “love.”

She then went on to elaborate how Judaism was just primarily a religion of laws and how Jesus relieved the world of this burden.

I guess she never heard of such things as these paraphrases from the Hebrew Bible…

Offer Me not your vain sacrifices if you do not justice for the widow and the orphan…

What does the Lord require of thee but to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with thy G_d…

Love they neighbor as thyself…

Or, since Ann rejects Hebraic laws, she mustn’t like the Ten Commandments either. Etc., etc., and so forth.

Yes, there are laws. And there’s Canon Law and such too in Christianity.

But the essence of Judaism is the ethical faith you see exemplified in the above paraphrases and read about in the Hebrew Prophets, and in the Torah–the first five books of the Hebrew Bible. Jews are supposed to show their love of G_d by how they act (mitzvot)…not by just what they recite or claim to believe. And you don’t see them forcing their beliefs on others. The one time they tried that (for political purposes) in the conversion of the Idumeans/Edomites, they wound up with the hated King Herod, ally of their Roman conquerors.

Ironically, while the Coulter types typically talk of Judaism’s “exclusivity” complex, in reality, it’s just the opposite. It’s Christianity which has historically claimed that it and it alone possessed the sole key to G_d, not Judaism…ever.

Up until that Donny Deutsch episode, I had mixed feelings about Coulter. Some say her remarks then and similar nasty ones about Jews afterwards are simply part of Ann’s  shtick.

Not so… she’s a smart woman and certainly must know that her offense has a particularly bloody and tragic history behind it. There’s nothing nice about Christianity’s Replacement Theology. Luckily, not all Christians buy into it. I work with very dear friends who don’t.

While Donny was baffled by Coulter’s honesty, he was horrendously ineffective in how he handled it. But, perhaps, this was by necessity…

Back in medieval days, Christians enjoyed putting Jews and their religion on public display for ridicule. These were known as disputations, and Jewish leaders were periodically summoned to defend some aspect of their faith.

As Ann lives in a country with over three hundred million Christians and about five million Jews (only about a third of whom really give a hoot), when she takes a Donny Deutsch to task on television, it rings an all-too- familiar tone…something Jews have heard and had to survive for centuries.

As the Jewish “defender” of his people and faith walked a delicate line in how he responded during those earlier disputations (his minority people could be violently damned if he “won” and damned if he “lost”), so Donny perhaps needed to keep his ratings up while not offending the offender…and his own bosses and audience.

Many Jews know Christian theology very well. I certainly do… But do Christians like Coulter ever ask themselves why Jews are “stubborn” and “blind” to their attempts to cram their “love” up Semitic derrieres?

Perhaps a well-known ancient Roman historian can explain it for them.

You see, when Rome persecuted Christians, it was largely because the only thing they knew about the latter was that their leader was crucified as just another of many potential Jewish patriots and possible Messianic deliverers against Roman oppression. Christians were just one sect of Jews by another name…those same people who took on the mighty Roman Empire for over a century for their freedom and independence. Visit or see a picture of the Arch of Titus, standing tall in Rome to this very day, to see how Rome felt about its victory over the Jews.  Or see a Roman Judaea Capta coin of conquest issued after the first major revolt from 66-73 C.E. There’s one on the front cover of my book http://q4j-middle-east.com.

So, for Coulter & Co., I suggest that they take a very long look at the quote below and see one of the real main reasons why Jews (not Christians) must reject their version of Divine “truth” and their Christian “love.” Here’s the Roman historian, Tacitus (Volume II, Book V), writing after Judaea, the tiny nation of the Jews, took on its mighty Roman imperial conquerors…

The Jews acknowledge one God only, and conceive of him by the mind alone, condemning, as impious, all who, with perishable materials, wrought into the human shape, form representations of the Deity. That Being, they say, is above all, and everlasting, neither susceptible of likeness nor subject to decay. In consequence, they allow no resemblance of Him in their city, much less in their temples. In this way they do not flatter their kings, nor show their respect for their Caesars.

You see, while other ancient peoples deified their great leaders, Jews bent over backwards to show the gulf between man and G_d…the ethical G_d of history whom, by the way, they introduced to the world. Coulter would still be practicing fertility rights, child sacrifice, and such if not for this “blind people’s” faith.

In any other ancient society, Moses and David would have been turned into gods. The Jews recorded them as sinners instead. No man–no matter how great–could be equated to G_d.

What I have written above would have gotten me killed over the centuries, and my people would have likely been rounded up and burned in the local synagogue as well.

Like Ann, however, I–once again, as in years earlier–must also be honest. And I refuse to play the Ghetto Jew role, scared of his shadow and afraid of making waves.

Furthermore, for a number of reasons (not the least being a large resurgence of anti-Semitism throughout the world), Christians who claim to be the Jews’ friends need to be the forces and voices confronting the Ann Coulters and their Replacement Theology clerical mentors…not their still vulnerable, minority Jewish brothers and sisters.

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