Flotilla of Duplicitous Cowards…

Flotilla Of Duplicitous Cowards…
by Gerald A. Honigman

So, another flotilla of pusillanimous hypocrites is about to set sail to support Arabs whose sole aim is the destruction of the sole Jewish state in existence.

Scores of millions of non-Arab victims in the region continue to be murdered, subjugated, and otherwise victimized daily, but the stick-it-to-the-Jews crews can only see problems with an admittedly imperfect Israel trying to prevent its own destruction.

Quite a while back, before the current Syrian mess exploded, I penned “Turkey And The Case Of The Missing Caravan” ( http://www.ekurd.net/mismas/articles/misc2010/6/state3915.htm ) which pointed out the hypocrisy of all the parties concerned during the first flotilla. If I must say so myself, if you’ve not seen it before, the timing is such for a look now. The hypocritical stench is about to make an encore visit…

Now, in addition to the ongoing Turkish example of the assorted flotilla cowardice and duplicity (despite Ankara’s not participating this time for its own Syrian reasons), we are faced with the surreal situation in which Syrian Arab butchers are given a hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil free pass by the new sailors while they go after Israel’s legal blockade of Hamas’s Gaza instead. Recall that Hamas is dedicated to the destruction of Israel and its Jews, is in a murderous state of war with both, and was elected by Hamas’s Arab populace which agrees with its genocidal jihadi agenda…In other words, a more justified and legal blockade has never existed. Israel and others have already intercepted ships heading for Gaza loaded with weaponry.

Furthemore, anyone who wants to find out the facts knows that Gaza’s necessities and beyond reach the people over land crossings from Israel itself–let alone Egypt’s now virtually open borders. And that has always been so–even at the time of Flotilla numero uno. Like other countries at war, however, Israel reserves the right to try its best to make sure that thousands of more missiles, mortars, explosives, and such don’t make it to Gaza to be launched against Jewish civilians in Israel proper–as has been commonly done. Hence the naval blockade…

Now, just up the road–er, sea –a bit, that same cowardly flotilla could target Syrian ports…but don’t hold your breath.

You see, the spineless worms aboard (one quarter nauseating Lefty Hebrews) know that their heads would likely be placed on Arab pikes if they tried such a thing…and the males’ voices might be raised a few notches–if you get my drift (couldn’t resist…sorry).

True, Flotilla the First attacked Israelis sent to peacefully commandeer the one of a half dozen vessels which decided to break the blockade–and paid the price in blood. But, if one does not want to get burned, one should not play with fire…

Jews do have the right to defend themselves–both as individuals and as a nation–although that still seems to come as shock to too many others on the world scene. Jump on the cattle cars instead !

Furthermore, this all nothing new for Syrian Arab butchers.

Consider just these few examples regarding Syrian actions–totally ignored by the willingly deaf, dumb, and blind feckless fleet– which could be cited…

Decades ago, Ismet Cherif Vanly wrote “The Syrian ‘Mein Kampf’ Against The Kurds”; Assad the First massacred tens of thousands of fellow Arabs in Hama; Damascus has been involved in the continuous rape, murder, and subjugation of/in Lebanon (which it has never recognized as independent of itself); constantly targeted Israeli civilians from the Golan Heights prior to ’67; has been home base for Hamas’s political leadership; along with Iran supplies and enables its Hizbullah buddies and bullies in Lebanon; etc. and so forth.

But nothing above matters to the combination of the ignorant and/or anti-Semites and/or self-hating Hebrews aboard those disgraceful decks.

Put me in charge of handling the response…

I say substantial quantities of livestock excrement–of which productive Israeli herders have plenty–should be gathered and dropped aboard the vessels. That from pigs would be best…There are Christian pig farmers in Israel.

At the same time, the steering mechanisms of the ships should be disabled…easy enough to do by the Israeli navy.

Leave them adrift afterwards.

Those who wish may be towed to Israeli ports afterwards. No Israelis should be dropped aboard the vessels…reports state that at least some of the crews are planning more violence this time around.

And those who don’t choose the tow?

Who cares ?

And I’m serious.

When America set up its naval blockade of Cuba during the missile crisis in the early ’60s, we were set to sink anyone breaking the blockade. When Egypt started the Six Day War in 1967 by blockading Israel at the Straits of Tiran and Gulf of Aqaba, it allowed no one to break that blockade. Numerous other examples could be cited as well.

Israel remains in a fight for its life with those who want it dead. Its enemies recently beheaded a three-month old infant and slaughtered four other family members in their sleep. Similar Arab heroes also recently targeted a school bus, killing and wounding Jewish kids.

A manure shower is generous considering what could be done instead…

All parties should think about that a bit…


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