Hey Russell…Ya Made Mel Proud

Hey Russell…Ya Made Mel Proud!
by Gerald A. Honigman

It has recently been reported that in a recent Tweet, Russell Crowe–one of my former favorite actors–went off on a rant against the 4,000 year old Jewish practice of circumcision, calling it barbaric and such, but then–to cover his arse–claimed he loves Jews and their funny little hats.

Well Russ, it’s like this…

Since you’re concerned about barbarism and hats, try this one on for size…

As an Aussie, you’re part of the British Commonwealth. Do you worry about the barbarism involved in slaughtering bears just to make those funny big hats the Queen’s Guards wear?

Reports state that it takes as much as the entire hide of one bear to make just one headpiece. The bears are mostly hunted in Canada, and their hides are shipped to the United Kingdom. It’s also reported that the terrified bears often have to be shot several times before they die, and that cubs frequently starve to death after they are orphaned when their mothers are slaughtered.

Funny, Russ, but I don’t seem to recall that bothering you much. Or did I miss some comments by you about the funny big hats British Gentiles wear?

By the way, the Jews’ funny little hats are worn as a reminder that there is something above–and far greater than–their own human selves…G_d.

For what higher reason in your own British Commonwealth tradition do bears need to be butchered the way they are? What reminder–what higher cause is served–when an orphaned bear cub’s mother’s hide sits atop its wearer’s head?

And those funny little hats of the Jews? Take a good look at what the Catholic pope and cardinals also wear while we’re on the subject…Are those little Catholic hats funny too? How about turbans?

People have a right to agree or disagree with the rite of circumcision. But four millennia of Jewish males survived the ordeal, and a look at the Jews’ own record indeed shows that, contrary to your remarks, their religion did much to end the barbarism of the pagan world which surrounded them. And all of G_d’s creatures benefitted from this injection of humanity via the Jews…not just humans.

Just one more point before I end my own rant…

Surely, Russell, you’re aware that circumcision is an integral part of Islam as well as Judaism. Yet, I don’t see any references to this in your remarks which only target Jews? Yep–it’s that good old special treatment again…You’re not related to Mel Gibson, by some chance, are you (if you know what I mean )?

Or perhaps you’re wisely thinking about what frequently happens to those who insult Islam rather than Judaism…

I expected more from the Gladiator.


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