Fatah’s Decline…Pardon My Dry Tear Ducts

Fatah’s Decline… Pardon My Dry Tear Ducts
by Gerald A. Honigman

An Associated Press story on June 20th reported on the West’s darling, Fatah’s Mahmoud Abbas, calling off elections in the West Bank because Fatah candidates appeared to be on the verge of getting trounced–like they did in years past to Hamas. Only this time, Hamas was not even running…

Of course, Fatah blames all of this on Israel, as do the alleged “good cop’s” supporters as well.

Since at least the days of President Clinton’s “Oslo Peace”–when the more Israel gave, in concrete tangibles to Fatah’s Arafat (aka Master of the Swiss bank account), the more it bled instead–the West, especially the American State Department, promoted Fatah as the good cops that Israel must play ball with lest the bad cops of Hamas win the day.

Truth be told, there’s not a nickel’s difference between them when it comes to the subject of the acceptance of a viable state of the Jews living in the neighborhood. And the blood of Jewish innocents has been shed equally by them as well. Both cops teach their kids, starting at a young age, to hate and kill Jews and to destroy the nation of the kilab yahud–Jew dogs. A look at either of their websites, listening to sermons in either of their mosques, etc. and so forth confirms this to anyone with eyes open.

The State Department rejected Israel’s right to exist right from the start and has been usually nasty towards it ever since. It has routinely placed a moral equivalence on the actions of those who deliberately target Jewish innocents and Israel’s belated efforts to finally go after the murderers.

Additionally, the State Department has worked very hard over the decades to make Israel as dependent on America as possible–so the Jews would necessarily be more pliable to serve America’s own oil-tainted interests.

Thus, the Foggy folks have been consistent in trying to undo the small piece of justice that Israel finally received in the wake of the 1967 War with the final draft of UNSC Resolution 242. The latter promised that Israel would finally get real secure, somewhat defensible borders to replace the previously imposed armistice lines of 1949 which made it virtually invisible on a world map–a mere 9-15 miles wide in its waist, practically begging to be cut in half via an attack by any combination of assorted enemies.

With different men in the White House to counter its influence–Johnson, Reagan, and Bush II, for example, especially in the latter’s earlier days in office–the State Department was somewhat restrained in just how far it could push the Jews. Unfortunately, things have changed quite a bit today.

The Foggy Folks now have a willing partner in the new American leader to pursue all of their goals vis-a-vis Israel. He too demands that Israel forsake the promise of territorial compromise built in to 242 and return to its 9-15 mile wide existence, placing its kids in Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem, and elsewhere in the same situation that those in Ashkelon and Sderot have been in since Israel’s last attempt at land for peace with Arabs via its withdrawal from Gaza several years earlier.

The reason that there has not been progress with Fatah is not because of Israel’s stubbornness nor because of “settlements” as the mainstream media is so quick to report. It is because Fatah’s idea of “peace” is Israel caving in to all of its demands.

Thus, Israel must give up its recognition as a Jewish State, while Arabs insist that their own 22nd state and member of the Arab League be formed–despite the fact that scores of millions of non-Arab, native peoples live in most of those allegedly “purely Arab” states and predate the Arab conquests by millennia.

There is no peace because those Fatah “moderates”–whose army is now being trained, supplied, and funded by America–have openly stated that in any negotiations with Jews, their job is to take while Israel’s job is to give. So, forget about Israel getting the territorial compromise promised by UNSC Resolution 242 and such. The settlements are all about Israel getting that necessary buffer promised by 242. Why is there never context given to this issue when it is frequently reported and discussed?

As has been written often, Abbas’s late Fatah colleague and mentor, Arafat, used to call such a “peace” that Fatah has in mind for the Jews the “Peace of the Quraysh”– the temporary halt in hostilities that the Muslim prophet, Muhammad, allowed his enemies so he could muster the strength to deliver the final blow. And just as Abbas smiles to the west in exchange for billions of dollars in support, Arafat & Co. also had a tradition of saying one thing in English and quite another in Arabic to his own folks back home. Indeed, Fatah’s showcased model “moderate,” Faisal al-Husseini, openly called any “negotiations” with Jews merely a “Trojan Horse”–calling for a “Palestine” from the River to the Sea, i.e., an Arab state which replaces Israel, not existing along side of it.

Nothing has changed today, except that Fatah has now been propped up by the West, especially America, to be the Arab recipient of Israeli one-sided concessions.

Since Hamas has not been willing to mince words regarding its goals for Israel’s destruction, not even the State Department could pull off forcing Israel to make those dangerous, concrete concessions.

By dealing with a Fatah–which is now being strengthened and enriched by the West, so temporarily plays the game (remember the “peace of the Quraysh”)–the State Department now has an alleged partner that it can shove down Israel’s throat.

In return for this temporary quiet (hudna, etc.)–which turns bloody every time Israel caves in to Washington and loosens up on such things as checkpoints and such, resulting in murdered Jews soon afterwards–Israel is literally expected to give away the store.

That’s not how true peace comes about between enemies anywhere. It usually happens in one of two ways…

The first involves a total defeat of one’s enemies, with the terms of peace dictated by the victor.

Israel has truly held back in doing this for fear of the backlash from an assortment of hypocrites elsewhere. For the latter, Jews are not allowed to really “win” their wars–even given the fact that their enemies seek their total destruction. Firebombing Dresden and nuking Hiroshima were the Allies’ answers to their enemies. Or, gassed Kurds, genocide in the Sudan, the “Hama Solution,” Black September, etc. and so forth when it comes to how Arabs handle their own “problems.”

The second way that enemies make peace is via true mutual concessions–real compromise.

Regardless of how difficult a task it will be–especially given the age-old Arab subjugating mindset which states that the entire region is simply “purely Arab patrimony” and part of the Dar ul-Islam–if true peace is ever to come in the region, at some point some Arab leaders must be honest with their own people and state that others, besides themselves, have legitimate rights there too. So far, all of Israel’s alleged peace partners are simply plotting its destruction–and then get angry because at least some Jews refuse to play along.

The reason Fatah has not made progress with Israel towards peace is because “peace” is not what Fatah wants. It wants the Peace of the Quraysh. And it has promised that very “peace” to its people.

So far, at least, Israel’s currents leaders–despite tirades from State’s current chief, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and repeated insults from the President himself–have at least partially withstood the pressure to totally cave in on this.

In reality, I will shed no tears if Fatah is defeated.

The army that America has been building up for it will only kill Jews yet again down the road. Indeed, the latest murders of Jews have been committed by factions of Fatah. Additionally, the American general charged with training Fatah recently complained that if the Jews don’t cave in soon to Fatah’s “peace” demands, he won’t be able to control their trigger fingers.

It is better for Israel to face a more honest enemy.

If (when?) Hamas takes over the Arab-ruled portions of Judea and Samaria (aka the “West Bank” only since the 20th century) as they did Gaza, Israel will know how to handle the situation.

While true peace is always the goal, wishing it won’t change the dominant, subjugating Arab mindset which prevents it. And neither will yet additional, one-sided concessions by Jews which Arabs only interpret as weakness.

Unlike the gist of that June 20th AP article, peace could come tomorrow, if Israel finally had true partners to deal with–folks who understood that compromise involves both parties in conflict giving and making hard concessions…not just one.

And, shame on the Associated Press and most of the rest of the mainstream media for not telling you what you just read here.


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