Israeli Elections…Go With The Gut

Go With The Gut…
by Gerald A. Honigman

Israel’s tragic—and dangerous—Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is finally stepping down.

Not the only leader, by far, to prove the Hebrew Prophet Samuel correct about the pitfalls of worldly leaders, he nonetheless excelled in putting his own interests above those of the long-awaited resurrected state of his people.

Not that it was all his fault, mind you.

When the most powerful nation on Earth—and Israel’s best friend– tightens the screws, it’s hard to say no. But keep in mind Lord Palmerston’s advice regarding states, friends, and interests…

Once upon a time, Israel did have leaders who knew how to draw the lines beyond which further arm-twisting would not be tolerated. Menachem Begin, for one—of blessed memory—comes to mind.

That brings me to an AP article in my local paper on September 18th by Steven Gutkin.

The article focused on Olmert’s Foreign Minister, Tzipi Livni, set to take over leadership of the Kadima Party.

That one of Arafat’s pathetic Jew stooges, Yossi Beilin, loves her should send out an important message to all who have their heads out of the sand. He thinks the latter day Arafatians in suits and ties are just swell too.

Gutkin then compared Livni to her main rival, Iranian-born Shaul Mofaz:

A victory by Mofaz would have raised serious questions about Israel’s involvement in peace talks with both the Palestinians and Syrians. His approach is seen as far less conciliatory than hers…

Two short sentences that say much indeed.

Tsipi, you see, is good friends with Condi.

Now, to any who have eyes and see, who have ears and hear, who have brains with functioning neurons, etc. and so forth, that “friendship” spells trouble big time.

Livni and Olmert simply caved repeatedly to virtually all that Secretary of State Rice and her Foggy Folks asked of them—be it supplying weapons to Abbas’s latter-day Arafatian Fatah “good cops” (later used to massacre Jews), forsaking Israel’s right, a la UNSC Resolution 242, to “secure and recognized” boundaries instead of the currently imposed ’49 armistice lines which make it practically invisible on a map of the world, and so forth.

Gutkin’s article also contrasted Livni with Benjamin Netanyahu’s “hardline” Likud Party.

I’m always amazed by those who write in such terms regarding Israel. When Jews do it—like Gutkin, I assume—nauseated is the better word.

A three-thousand mile wide America can fight wars, bomb targets, topple unfriendly governments, acquire territory, and so forth thousands of miles away, but Jews who want their sole state to have secure and defensible borders instead of a 9-mile wide rump state existence are “extremists.”

Such unreasonable Jewish hardliners ask what the lessons of Israel’s retreat from Gaza years ago–with thousands of rockets and mortars fired at Israel proper from Gaza ever since—are regarding further retreat in Judea and Samaria, aka the “West Bank.”

Those “extremists” fear Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, the Knesset, Ben Gurion Airport, and so forth will get the same treatment Sderot has gotten non-stop.

How paranoid of them!

After all, those Arabs—who still show no Israel in school textbooks, maps, etc.—are such trustworthy peace (of the grave) partners.

Gutkin mentioned the Syrian card as well.

Nations who repeatedly attack neighbors over decades from territory often end up losing such territory. Wake up and smell history…

Israel has already–long ago–offered to return to Syria far more than it deserves on the Golan Heights.

As in Judea and Samaria with Abbas and his Fatah Arafatians, a real territorial compromise must be the answer with Damascus as well…not what an Arab petrodollar-greased American State Department dictates. Syria must never again be able to shell Israeli farms and such from the Heights, nor control Israel’s key water sources. What would America do with such an enemy? Need I ask?

Back home in the States, we’re about to choose a new leader as well.

That Arabs and jihadists all over the world love Barack Obama, and that the latter has too many key advisors and buddies who are anti-Semites and/or anti-Zionists (not that there’s really a difference) says something loud and clear…and I’m a former Democrat myself, now an Independent.

In November, I’ll go with my gut instincts.

I suggest that those in Israel who truly care about the long term future of the Jewish State do likewise when they have to choose between Bibi and Tsipi.

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